Fire Awareness Training

With the introduction of the RRO (Fire Reform Act) and the requirement for staff to receive fire training we can offer you the best possible service by professionals at an affordable price.

We offer:

Fire extinguisher instruction

This is useful between formal training sessions to ensure your Staff are fully aware and refreshed in the use of the different types of extinguishers in your place of work. The session usually takes around 45 minutes and includes, DVD, practical demonstration and a certificate of attendance for all who attend

Fire awareness training

There is a requirement to formerly train your Staff on how to respond in the event of a fire. This course will instruct your Staff on your own tailor made, site specific procedures should be followed and includes how to raise the alarm, the safe use of extinguishers and the requirements of good house keeping etc.

Fire marshal / warden training

Incorporating all of the above, this course is aimed at a select number of Staff that have been nominated as Fire Marshals / Fire Wardens and will train them once again in your site specific fire evacuation procedures along with the understanding of how to take a roll call and how to safely search a building for reported persons that may be left within an evacuated building.

Please feel free to contact us directly for costs on all three courses.